Top teams in the Match Racing Cup are running riot after Day Two of Round Robin. RNZYS Youth Training Programme’s James Wilson has had the best record so far. Day One was wet but today was even wetter, with gusty winds of 15-25 knots and limited visibility.

Despite the weather conditions, Wilson was not slowing down at all. He won six games yesterday and won further six to make it 12-2. Ahead of the quarters, he ended the Round Robin stage as the top team.

Finn Tapper continued his decent performances today, notching up four more wins today. He ended the Round Robin stage with an 11-3 scorecard. The Cruising Yacht Club of Australia skipper has financial issues but they did not let that affect them so much in the event.

RNZYS Performance Programme’s Nick Egnot-Johnson continued with three more wins today. His 9-5 scorecard ensured he continued into the next stage of the competition. Their only loss of the day was against Leonard Takahashi.

RNZYS PP’s Takahashi have nine wins but will continue with one more tomorrow. He is set to finish with a 10-5 scorecard when he completes his Round Rubin. He could have reached the target today but he lost out in an intense race with Long Beach Yacht Club’s Trent Turigliatto. It was quite dramatic due to the conditions and then he was penalized by mistake as the umpires raised the wrong flag. Despite losing by half a boat length, the skipper said it was fun. He is expected to make the next stage after his meeting tomorrow against Clare Costanzo.

Frankie Dair from Kerikeri Cruising Club team won four more races to complete a scorecard of 8-6 in the Round Robin stage. They have never sailed together before but have performed well in such a big event.

John Lynch, Tom Picot, James Farquharson, Trent Turigliatto, Charlotte Griffin, Alastair Grifford and Nicholas Rozenauers are not likely not make it past the Round Robin stage based on their performances so far.